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ponyville bridge has a great view
(also my scenebuild isn’t that good lol. All i just wanted to do is pose fluttershy like this)
V6 pony models by AeridicCore  
Fluttershy’s Cottage and props by DiscoPears  
safe1920581 artist:psfmer165 fluttershy233321 pegasus383101 pony1267964 3d97237 :p11629 bridge1345 butt163428 cute228535 daaaaaaaaaaaw5587 dock59519 female1555655 flutterbutt6415 high res81127 looking at you207548 looking back70769 looking back at you21540 mare588795 plot106628 ponyville6704 shyabetes16401 smiling315764 solo1226541 source filmmaker57071 tongue out123921 tree39239 unshorn fetlocks34029


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