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116, Livermorium
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April monthly reward for Nova Spark. Thank you! See Fanbox page for how to get vectors like this from me every month.

Non-vore version of >>2605523, but the name pun remains.

SVG here.
safe1703934 artist:parclytaxel1344 oc683108 oc only447862 oc:nova spark284 monster pony3431 original species25107 pony965233 tatzlpony1306 unicorn322175 series:joycall6's periodic table120 .svg available8303 absurd resolution66198 chemistry341 clothes458691 fangs25263 female1360758 glasses61784 lab coat2181 livermorium3 mare479355 monthly reward24 periodic table201 simple background392546 sitting63072 smiling247606 solo1062428 vector76793 white background97591


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