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Commission for @TheLostNarrator ! This was so fun so wholesome! Just SO hecken cute!
I hope you like it. ^^
safe1921609 artist:mscolorsplash151 fluttershy233403 bird10943 pegasus383472 pony1268955 tit (bird)27 :d1514 blush sticker3143 blushing231318 breath2190 clothes540892 colored pupils11629 commission91999 cute228710 daaaaaaaaaaaw5593 earmuffs1332 eye clipping through hair10236 eyes closed115346 female1556636 happy36951 hat104248 heart eyes21664 looking at you207721 mare589339 open mouth187968 open smile13228 pun8195 scarf27144 shyabetes16411 smiling316057 smiling at you12284 snow16063 snowfall4978 solo1227258 spread wings70947 visual pun1993 weapons-grade cute4199 wingding eyes28787 wings163448 winter5265


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