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safe1920247 artist:riceflowers_art22 nurse redheart3929 rainbow dash254939 twilight sparkle326979 alicorn264582 earth pony338976 pegasus382962 pony1267659 adorable distress678 covid-19 vaccine1 crying49142 cute228473 dialogue77061 empty eyes632 eyebrows13763 eyebrows visible through hair7188 eyes closed115243 frustrated646 hat104131 high res81104 hospital1601 implied lesbian4051 implied shipping5968 implied twidash215 lidded eyes37119 open mouth187734 pleading153 scared12207 signature33375 sitting75479 spread wings70868 syringe987 trio14935 trypanophobia47 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135773 twilight sparkle is not amused1705 unamused19661 wings163232


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Background Pony #2C9B
I wish they wouldn’t say It’s just an ant bite. I’ve seen, and been bitten by ants that look like the Starship Troopers things.
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I miss the show so much
I know that feeling, Dashie. Every time I have to get a vaccination or have a blood sample taken, I have to keep my eyes tightly closed and look away and even then I ask the nurses to be careful. And always, always, they afterwards say that I wasn’t even the worst they’ve seen.
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