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Anonymous said:
Okay, hunting down Sea Swirl, then. Answers!
You roll a 14 (required 10). Success!
You thank the unicorns for their help, then hop back on the road down to the beach area.
As you return to the sandy shore, you find the town’s seafront now bustling with activity; some ponies building a floating stage, others hanging colourful banners and bunting. You see dozens of long tables lined up along the white stone city wall, ready to welcome a crowded evening of festivities.
Once closer to the water, you begin to scan the horizon for Sea Swirl. A few surveys later, something in the distance catches your eye, far to the south. It takes you a moment to recognize a familiar unicorn swimming with a dolphin!
The lively ambiance slowly fades away behind you as you and your friends follow the shoreline in the swimmer’s direction. Having gotten as close as you could without getting your hooves wet, you and Moonflower attempt to get her attention by calling out to her and waving your forelegs in the air.
Soon enough, Sea Swirl notices, and waves back to you. After sharing a goodbye hug with her animal friend, the unicorn bodysurfs back to shore, and emerges from the ocean with a graceful mane flip.
Sea Swirl: “Hello again, ladies! How may I be of service?”
You can’t help but compliment Sea Swirl’s stylish arrival before telling her about your situation.
Sea Swirl: “A house in the Twilight Zone? Now that, I’d love to see. I don’t think I can help you figure out where it is or how to get there, but I do know a water breathing spell.
Hey, why don’t I use it on some trinkets of yours? That would be way better than a one-time thing, if you ask me. Anything you’ve got that’s comfortable to wear while swimming underwater will do!
Just let me go wash the salt out of my mane, then we’ll meet up at the local enchanter. If you don’t have anything suitable to enchant already, you’ve got some time to shop around. See you in a bit!”
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safe1920162 artist:rangelost1066 sea swirl1782 seafoam1782 pony1267592 unicorn420674 cyoa:d20 pony878 background pony11044 cloud36387 eyes closed115240 female1555295 lens flare1944 mane flip50 mare588564 ocean8934 outdoors15131 pixel art13046 sky17987 solo1226253 standing17077 sun7870 wet9620 wet mane5753


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She needs to work at seaworld she would be perfect considering she likes dolphins :D
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