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lots of faces yo.

safe2087974 artist:freefraq788 applejack194201 flitter3335 fluttershy248931 marble pie7930 pinkie pie247272 spike89835 starlight glimmer57953 sunset shimmer76471 twilight sparkle346143 bat pony70222 dragon78813 earth pony410172 pegasus457352 pony1446961 unicorn498632 :36445 :i1878 ;p750 bat ponified4354 blush sticker3599 blushing256796 cheek fluff8670 chest fluff60111 cute251933 cute little fangs3146 diapinkes12110 ear fluff46067 faic14444 fangs36931 flutterbat8100 high res92909 leg fluff4399 marblebetes789 one eye closed43089 open mouth218877 race swap19778 shyabates391 shyabetes18192 tongue out138711 u wot m8167 vulgar24495 what in tarnation64 winged spike9742 wings200487 wink31437


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Sunny Starscout fan
I have to say, your art style really does remind me of SymbianL, which is a very good thing since SymbianL is one of the best artists on Derpibooru. The fact that you said you were friends with them once before does explain the similar appearance in design, though.  
Regardless, this is very adorable and very well drawn. It has been a while since I have seen you upload something, Freefraq, so this is really nice to see!