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lots of faces yo.
safe1917234 artist:freefraq771 applejack184646 flitter3198 fluttershy233086 marble pie7337 pinkie pie234419 spike85780 starlight glimmer54003 sunset shimmer70731 twilight sparkle326706 bat pony61283 dragon68244 earth pony337924 pegasus381883 unicorn419254 :35490 :i1772 ;p534 bat ponified3562 blush sticker3137 blushing230744 cheek fluff7537 chest fluff50505 cute228128 cute little fangs2648 diapinkes11300 ear fluff39532 faic13447 fangs31551 flutterbat7508 high res80951 leg fluff3709 marblebetes711 one eye closed38389 open mouth187193 race swap17173 shyabates360 shyabetes16383 tongue out123668 u wot m8165 vulgar22908 what in tarnation60 winged spike9175 wings162716 wink28854


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Sunny Starscout fan
I have to say, your art style really does remind me of SymbianL, which is a very good thing since SymbianL is one of the best artists on Derpibooru. The fact that you said you were friends with them once before does explain the similar appearance in design, though.  
Regardless, this is very adorable and very well drawn. It has been a while since I have seen you upload something, Freefraq, so this is really nice to see!
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