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safe1917617 artist:pabbley2547 cozy glow8605 pegasus382052 pony1265258 clothes539836 dress51880 ear fluff39544 ears765 fangs31554 female1553315 filly80858 fire13130 flying45354 freckles34723 grin49968 halo2104 high res80978 holding4125 musical instrument13247 pure concentrated unfiltered evil of the utmost potency514 pure unfiltered evil1865 smiling314987 solo1224651 spread wings70680 wings162778


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Background Pony #ADD3
on my head canon who Perfectly with this art, is Cozy Glow is Angel and she the Daughter of Goddess Twilight and Hero Flash sentry, Cozy is very good girl but when is come to punish someone, she can be a little naughty when is come punish other but She love Annoy demon with the ultimate magic musical instrument she a found, the Epic sax jazz and she use it on the Demon every time to annoy them for 2 hours every day
Background Pony #131E
No she a Angel who love annoying demon with her musical instrument and she do this for 60 minute and run way and come back ever week on the same hour and the same day to annoying the most evil demon but she never be capture, Sometime Demon ask them self who is the evil? them or her! angel Cozy glow is the daughter of Goddess friendship Twilight Sparkle and Hero Flash sentry, yes she a little trouble child but she a good girl, even she a little naughty when is come to punish someone but nothing evil, She fear to become evil, Sometime she have nightmare of her meet devil Cozy glow and the dream she murder by her evil version and wake up and scream, Cozy believe some demon are responsible of her nightmare and she say and will not stop annoying them as long she have those Nightmare, and the demon who a create those nightmare on her start to regret to give her to nightmare and all demon as him to stop it, some are started to go crazy by it, and on day her nightmare is over and she won, she go to hell and tell them thanks but she tell them if try again, she show her favorite musical instrument, simply see it give fear to all demon plus her fake evil smile but with all flame of hell make real and is scary enough, but what is not helping is her Musical instrument is a magic one give by Goddess of the sun Celestia and is very powerful, if she use the right song , she summon a army of angel, or create tornado, you name it, but the song she use to annoying the demon is a song give strength to good but make evil weak, so you get it why she be so annoying but the idea is not form her to annoying Demon but From the Goddess moon Luna and Goddess of love Cadance and the lord of Chaos Discord, he the one who make sure Cozy never be capture by demon, of course this plan do not please the maiden of nature Fluttershy!
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Background Pony #3077
@Smart Heart  
I mean, if her moral alignment were flipped, but nothing else. She’d definitely resort to violence to save a life, but wouldn’t be big on inspiring words. And if/when she gets kicked out of Heaven, she’d probably just shrug and go “Oh, well.”
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