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safe1708728 artist:citi360 screencap222500 discord31006 fluttershy212903 lord tirek5310 rainbow dash234189 twilight sparkle300613 alicorn224898 centaur3412 draconequus11771 human154859 pegasus292665 pony969813 a flurry of emotions1266 the ending of the end3205 the super speedy cider squeezy 6000815 blushing198017 bra15930 clothes460436 embarrassed11405 embarrassed underwear exposure848 female1365239 fluttershy sleeps naked140 glowing hands314 high res29702 humanized100151 magic73376 male373492 mare481766 out of context4375 panties50292 scene interpretation8614 screencap reference721 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123789 underwear60913 we don't normally wear clothes902 yellow underwear596


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At least Fluttershy is wearing underwear.
Now we just need the next scene when Rainbow Dash pushes her out of the house without getting dressed ;)

Zcord, DiscordFan
The truth is Tirek wasn't upset because discord roasted him about having daddy issues but because he had a gay panic