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This long arduous commission is finally finished!

I forsee a long and fruitful career ahead of Sunny!

Commission by A Strange Cloud
suggestive145594 artist:a-strange-cloud71 flash sentry13016 pinkie pie218281 rainbow dash236312 sunset shimmer63901 equestria girls203330 equestria girls series33649 accidental exposure373 animated99736 ass50013 black panties330 black underwear3846 bunset shimmer1764 bus stop121 butt62393 canterlot high2784 cellphone3724 clothes467655 commission70756 commissioner:branagain223 converse5745 core strength1 excited3017 exhibitionism9025 frame by frame4125 gif31622 gymnastics126 heart49225 implied flashimmer69 implied shipping5108 implied straight5427 legs in air3946 midriff19584 outdoors11166 panties50892 phone6458 pole dancing1469 rah rah skirt77 school1809 shoes37658 sign4051 skirt40411 skirt flip220 smartphone2098 stripper pole2014 stupid sexy sunset shimmer925 thong6125 underwear61710 upside down5649 upskirt5973 wardrobe malfunction5206


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@Background Pony #8A23
With the few asking for a panty-less version of sunset shimmer using a street sign post as a stripper pole when those hope the sign isn't ripped out of the ground by her weight as of the moves could have her allegedly have shown her lady bits to rainbow dash along with pinkie pie and flash sentry.