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Quick little gif edit to wish you all good night on.🌌🌕🌜🌛🌗🌖🌘🌒🌓

Goodnight Derpibooru. 🌠😴

Was gonna make this my avatar but the filesize was too big 🥺
safe1750187 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan300 derpibooru exclusive29307 edit135875 editor:nc-tv24 twilight sparkle306076 alicorn232847 pony1010257 animated100811 beautiful5780 cute205663 gif32126 good night46 lights852 loop5392 night27344 night sky1867 night sky background10 real life background201 real life scenery15 screensaver28 shooting star1013 sky14963 star light zone7 starry night717 starry sky87 stars16283 sweet dreams fuel1667 twiabetes12264 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126181


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