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safe1975120 artist:puyohh33 izzy moonbow14095 sunny starscout12870 earth pony363031 pony1327454 unicorn448106 g541267 4 panel comic217 :o5281 :p12274 alternate hairstyle33546 book39381 cellphone6320 chest fluff53577 comic124087 cute236876 duo118828 earbuds992 exclamation point4908 eyes closed121083 female1606638 glowing horn25574 grass12723 grin53131 hairband1601 horn117818 interrobang1148 izzybetes1821 levitation14300 loose hair2088 magic86683 mare620050 music notes4124 open mouth198424 phone10054 question mark5757 raised hoof60027 reading7319 sitting78921 smartphone4094 smiling332319 sunnybetes1093 surprised11306 telekinesis34340 tongue out128987 unshorn fetlocks36553 waving3677


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Background Pony #2AC2
So Sunny is the future alicorn in the G5. I seem to see a pattern; Celestia - Twilight - Sunny. It is possible that the young earth pony - which is probably meant to be a continuation of the earth pony Twilight Sparkle from the first draft of the G5 - will represent a new beginning, a new start as when the morning appears with the sunrise. In that case, Twilight was the sunset itself on a very long story that began a thousand years before. Here, Sunny will begin on bare ground after a long night, with memories of yesterday with the heroines of the past.
Background Pony #A0EE
Izzy unbraided Sunny mane and said mane resume to its original style like Pinkie Pie mane does? At least that’s how I understand it