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From the art battle, the theme in the title.
safe1750304 artist:gor1ck178 apple bloom50956 scootaloo51912 sweetie belle49722 earth pony265854 pegasus309084 pony1010383 unicorn342247 tabun art-battle162 artificial wings1676 augmented2559 blueprint191 boulder257 cutie mark crusaders19320 exclamation point3968 female1401731 filly69611 hand9049 hard hat707 magic75378 magic hands923 mechanical wing630 seesaw57 tabun art-battle finished after70 telekinesis28720 this will end in pain2036 this will end in tears and/or death and/or covered in tree sap291 trust me18 trust me i'm an engineer2 wings123075 👌93


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Background Pony #17B6
I don't think Scoots is going to be the only one flying once that boulder falls.