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Finally here is the last pic for the Trixie vs Pinkie Pie image set by shonuff44 . If you want to see what happened for The End check out my Furaffinity pageThe last action that happened in the previous pic was too much for my avatar-self that it damaged his pelvis and was sent to the hospital. Trixie and Pinkie Pie came to visit to check up on him and both girls want to apologize for the incident, especially Pinkie for letting her Pinkamena persona go wild. She feels so bad that she want to make up for it by leting him suckle Earth Pony milk out of her boobs to help him recover but Trixie insistently not to. That’s it, guys. Its done. Hope you guys loved it.
suggestive165448 artist:shonuff44383 pinkie pie233249 trixie72959 oc800054 oc:greatdragonad30 human186922 big breasts99925 breasts324830 broken pelvis11 busty pinkie pie12298 busty trixie4652 cleavage39293 clothes534365 fishnets6357 hat102854 high res79147 huge breasts46285 humanized107310 leotard5497 snu-snu166 trixie's hat5334


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