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She somehow got an Amazon Prime account, don't tell her parents.
safe1751331 artist:higgly-chan498 scootaloo51929 pegasus309406 pony1011324 bowl1683 clothes476295 cosplay28504 costume28572 crossover63828 cute205790 cutealoo2950 female1402603 filly69687 food73015 hoodie14953 invincible51 popcorn1566 simple background409435 sitting65625 solo1094901 this will end in tears and/or death and/or covered in tree sap291 white background102560


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@Background Pony #BDF6
I kinda envision the three sister pairs(AJ/Applebloom, Rarity/Sweetie, Dash/Scoots) having a movie night where they start watching this new super hero show and Rainbow is kinda bummed cause super hero genre is totally overused and getting old but when they get to the after credits scene everyone is shocked and Rarity and AJ try to shield their sisters' eyes but Rainbow is just sitting there with a big grin and shouting "Oh yeah!" when the real action starts.
Background Pony #BDF6
Scoota-invincible is about to suffer a lot of heartbreak and pain. Mostly pain.