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MIN: $5
safe1722886 artist:minty joy80 twilight sparkle302552 alicorn227716 pony983350 :t3812 absurd resolution66537 animated99417 blinking3784 book33827 bookhorse569 cheek fluff5677 chest fluff39855 cute202312 ear fluff30195 female1377678 fluffy14383 folded wings6174 gif31485 glowing horn19949 heart eyes17009 horn69959 horses doing horse things1248 leg fluff3103 lidded eyes31134 lying down18082 magic74057 magic aura4345 mare489026 perfect loop1410 pink background3064 prone25843 reading6329 shaking1457 simple background399568 solo1075338 tail28757 tail flick90 telekinesis28097 twiabetes12084 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124709 wing fluff1649 wing twitch27 wingding eyes22750 wings110543


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