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Cute Hurricane Flutters. Still one of the best characters yo. =w=b
safe1922908 artist:symbianl435 fluttershy233520 pegasus384099 pony1270422 hurricane fluttershy1105 blushing231487 cute228910 daaaaaaaaaaaw5598 ear fluff39675 female1557656 grin50190 headband4356 high res81234 hoof fluff2486 looking at you207944 mare589940 scene interpretation9726 shyabetes16420 smiling316463 solo1228184 spread wings71045 sweatband638 symbianl is trying to murder us50 weapons-grade cute4202 wing fluff1884 wings163724 wristband4375


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Background Pony #DA13
Fluttershy looks super adorable, and yet somehow, you could imagine her surprsing everyone by being so fast that her mane and tail turns gold, revealing her to be a Pegasus Queen…
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