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"Turns out you can only Screw with the profits of a farmer so many times before they finally decide to give you some comeuppance. And in some cases, take a trophy in the Process. At least they grow back in time!"

Am I horrible for making this? probably.

Models using the V4 body update for the Revamped anthro line. If you would like to be updated on this upcoming release, please keep an eye on AeridicCores, or my twitter feed. You can also join the revamped discord server through the follow link as well!
semi-grimdark29846 suggestive141246 artist:dongly12323 applejack168727 oc676200 oc:aspen frost3 oc:tea tree35 deer5672 anthro257317 plantigrade anthro32114 3d74788 absurd resolution65958 anthro oc29545 antlers2026 bandaid1825 big breasts80897 black eye1070 braless995 breasts274503 busty applejack10352 busty oc907 clothes454556 deer oc744 female1350373 females only12392 hammer1706 huge breasts37859 naked overalls142 no underwear262 overalls1660 revamped anthros378 revenge839 siblings8332 sisters8677 source filmmaker45566


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