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Fan art for on of my favorite bat characters, please not I made the wing small on purpose, Also the background is a reference to a song I love from Deco*27

Song Referenced:
safe1688053 artist:jadebreeze11539 oc673097 oc only442209 oc:paper stars214 bat pony48874 pony949780 bat wings9039 ear fluff28677 ethereal mane7739 fanart1563 fangs24756 female1346117 frog (hoof)12507 heart eyes16007 japanese8190 looking at you165245 mare471913 open mouth142076 orange eyes332 red background872 reference3786 simple background387159 small wings393 solo1051642 starry eyes3265 starry mane4025 underhoof51194 vocaloid512 wingding eyes21828 wings103575


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