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Original video by hotdiggedydemon

Sorry if some of the AI voices really don't match with the original voices. This was due to bad timing with the AI ones. Some lines also don't sound as expressive as I wanted to either. This was the best I can do '
safe1692223 artist:hotdiggedydemon500 edit130945 sound edit287 applejack168718 fluttershy211251 pinkie pie214885 rainbow dash232407 rarity180600 spike78306 twilight sparkle298410 .mov1116 apple.mov81 animated97890 apple16067 bloodshot eyes1349 cartoon violence69 eating9506 fifteen.ai336 food69214 herbivore864 long tongue2087 mane seven6473 mane six31714 seizure warning3236 sound8707 tongue out102573 vulgar20553 webm13086


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