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safe1724891 screencap224278 applejack171354 echo (pony life)49 fluttershy214660 lightning chill72 pinkie pie217995 rainbow dash235967 rarity183427 spike79424 sugar snap45 twilight sparkle302837 alicorn228072 bat1763 big cat1057 bird8473 dragon57368 earth pony255795 peacock125 pegasus299063 pony985208 tiger401 unicorn331400 my little pony: pony life5606 pony life6084 wild heart beats23 spoiler:pony life s02e2823 animated99524 don't give up the fight7 giantshy216 gif31535 macro11069


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Background Pony #84B8
As if anyone’s willing to ask (developer) Katie Chilson, or Andrea Libman via email or Twitter “Great work on Pony Life. Say, do you like 50ft. Fluttershy pussy?”
Background Pony #6E28
The only thing that can make me like this episode is if Rainbow Dash puts Spike in her mouth, spits him out and then says "ugh! I'll never be able to get that taste outta my mouth!" 😝