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safe1688781 artist:noupu363 philomena1067 princess celestia94249 princess luna98434 tiberius367 alicorn221107 opossum152 pony950486 :p8675 bipedal33744 blue background4965 blushing194593 cheek squish865 cider2548 colored pupils9554 cute197236 cutelestia3552 drunk4808 feather5803 female1346772 frown22589 glare8213 grumpy2514 kiss on the cheek1746 kissing24372 levitation11926 lidded eyes30094 looking at you165387 magic72343 majestic as fuck1258 mare472318 no pupils3951 one eye closed29945 platonic kiss95 royal sisters4349 shrunken pupils3059 siblings8249 sillestia301 silly7385 simple background387430 sisters8635 smiling243329 spread wings53728 squint482 squishy cheeks2355 strangling343 telekinesis27273 tongue out102124 unamused15941 wide eyes16901 wing hands2022 wings103732 wink24307 yelling3053


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