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A Jessi-ka Story - New Comic!

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Para no dejarlos sin ehhhh contenido (supongo) miren una comisión que hice hace tiempo, de hecho, con esta aprendí a usar mejor el lápiz de acuarela que uso para mis dibujos

semi-grimdark35834 artist:whitelie218 queen chrysalis41820 oc936835 oc:stardust453 alicorn310285 changeling65153 changeling queen23596 monster pony4891 pony1583169 g42008082 drool34120 female1781991 glowing eyes15157 grin62057 gritted teeth19122 imminent death3156 looking at each other33570 male543407 scared14137 sharp teeth6219 simple background585942 smiling390254 symbiote411 teeth21118 venom319


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Background Pony #A95A
Venom: You come around here again, in fact you go ANYWHERE in Equestria stealing love from ponies and we will find you and eat both your eyeballs and then all four of your legs and then we will eat your muzzle right off your skull! Do you understand?
Chrysalis: All that I have and more. Please…
Venom: _ Yes! So you will be this eyeless, legless, muzzleless thing will you? Rolling down the streets of Ponyville like a turd in the wind. Get my drift?_
Chrysalis: What the hell are you?
Twilight and Venom in unison: We are Venom.
Venom (alone): On second thought… [bites Chrysalis’ friggin’ head off and eats it]
Cadence: Twilight? What happened to you?
Twilight: Oh I have a parasite, Cadence.
Background Pony #F991
The description on DA for this piece is so cringy. The owner of the OC is trying so hard to make him a white knight it’s not even funny.