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cute hungery pone eating c:
Broke my one-day, ravenously hungry intermittent fast today, and it felt soooooooo good…😋
I guess I love getting hungry and eating. 😊
Featured cereal that I actually did end this fast on: Mom’s Best Blueberry Wheatfuls  
Seriously, if you haven’t, try them out. They are absolutely delicious!😁😋
Face licking image palindrome (272), food baby palindrome (171), alicorn oc image 25,700, and perspective image 777. Also bedroom image 9,999. That was a nice one. ;)
Wanted to hear just how hungry this cute alicorn got? **Listen here. **  
It’s amazing, I guarantee you that. :D
And you can definitely eat that wheatful I dropped on the floor…didn’t drool on it even once ^ w ^
**Wheatfuls box solo vector file **
safe1755102 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan306 derpibooru exclusive29382 oc713853 oc only466460 oc:nocturnal vision30 alicorn233596 pony1014993 my little pony: the movie19482 .svg available8474 :p9520 alicorn oc27713 aura890 bedroom10971 belly29627 belly button81595 belly pat16 belly rubbing42 belly squish34 big belly12108 big eyes1108 bowl1686 box4838 breakfast384 candy7111 cereal579 cereal box59 chillaxing148 chubby13544 colored wings6597 comfy229 cozy203 cute206227 cuternal vision8 dark4640 dock52221 drool25786 drool on face35 drool string5885 eating9979 enjoying671 enjoying the view21 enjoyment14 face licking289 fat22685 fattening61 featureless crotch7100 feeding1359 female1405820 female oc19 filling27 food73211 food baby189 food bowl325 frog (hoof)13955 from above191 glowing4806 gradient mane976 gradient tail232 gradient wings818 green711 gut rest65 hair1875 happy32267 herbivore1224 high angle214 high res33182 holding stomach14 hoof on belly300 horn78346 huge belly4014 hunger25 hunger princess's hunger obsessions3 hungry639 information52 lazy241 licking20910 licking lips4432 lifting612 light1548 looking at you176371 looking up17208 looking up at you210 lying down19901 magic75595 magic aura4681 messy eating1235 messy mane7952 milk4836 mouth585 movie accurate1302 nc-tv25 nc-tv:creator ponified25 noms5 nutrition facts6 ocbetes5683 on back25118 overhead view422 perspective814 phone number28 pillow18712 pillow humping185 pillow support11 plump7306 ponified42052 ponysona2874 prone26424 pudge9 pudgy130 raised hoof48601 realistic mane32 ruffled hair77 ruffled wing7 salivating1842 satisfied191 satisfying32 shadow4390 smiling262503 smiling at you5324 snuggling6614 stomach821 stuffed belly219 stuffing1273 svg3708 sweet443 sweets201 tail31412 tasty23 tongue out108652 tongue play500 underhoof53922 vector77958 wall of tags3678 wings123902 wood796 yummy10


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