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I immediately drew a little follow up to this! Absolutely loved the gift so I had to πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›!!!

Followup to:

safe1727588 artist:somefrigginnerd171 oc698075 oc only456270 oc:mulberry tart310 oc:pencil test82 earth pony256807 pony987815 unicorn332564 abstract background15265 belly28995 big belly11675 colored hooves6159 dialogue66562 duo62899 duo female11457 earth pony oc9191 eyebrows5824 eyebrows visible through hair2762 fat22372 female1381862 glasses63133 hoof on belly293 horn70864 lying down18336 mare491245 mouth hold17772 on back24684 one eye closed31598 speech bubble23770 squishy2577 squishy belly36 stuffed1711 underhoof52872 unicorn oc10020


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Kie Dough

Why can't people just let cute be! I don't care if the levels of cutoxication are reaching illegal amounts, I want my darn lovely cuties! ;