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U just got prenketd
safe1755209 artist:cdv390 oc713894 oc only466486 oc:rabble rouser5 oc:silk stocking8 insect1967 spider1799 anthro270302 3d80700 analysis in the comments9 animated101121 book34653 child2008 day1509 funny4239 grass10187 jar1099 laughing8328 prank1495 reading6440 sound9550 source filmmaker48653 subtitles1513 teaser354 tree33676 webm14482 young1648


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Bluesliver The sphinxlover

The sphinxlover
Its clear you have potentials for tell good stories without it needs to be lewd, and has some limits with models.
Already from start we see something new from you: dialogs. We finally can see what they think or says as we follow them. We are even watching them sometimes move their mouths to see them speak, which is so great! For many sfm users often move the camera away from their mouth when they speak, which i understand are difficult to make lip animation. And its not always synchronized right, but you are trying to do it right. ^^ The dialogs are simple but it tells so much of how the characters are, especially when its combined with the expressions and the body language.
“Salty Sugar” must be the title of the book. It sounds poetic or something like that. Just that alone was enough for me to make thoughts about how salty life can be, even if you think you have sweet moments. Anyway, Silk is the smart girl who enjoy to read and seems to have interests for philosophy or just novels. I must give credit for build up the moments where she look around and is suspicious.
Rabble just screams of a young, wild, teasy and chilids girl. She reminds me of myself when i was small and enjoyed to play with bugs, so i can relate to her in this scene. Opens the bottle with her mouth shows that she are able to think out of the box and be practical of what she has. Her outfit seems very revaling, but i think it fits for a girl of her age if she are 12 years or there.
When Rabble discover Silk in the nature, we notice that she hoped that Silk not saw her pick up bugs. Silk must then not be happy about bugs or find them discusting and is maybe that type of girls who want to teach others how to act around other people or their hobbies. Rabble knows that and want to get some joy out of it and give Silk a lesson of be intolerant for bugs.
Your work with expressions and reactions always pleasure my eyes. They look so alive when Silk look out in the bushes to find out what made these sounds, without knowing what Rabble are doing.  
The animation where Rabble turns around was too fast and almost robotic. I cant see what she was doung when she turned around. it was like her model just should change pose very fast. Some of the last movements up in the tree (like where she opens the bottle) felt to fast too. It could have been more smooth.
Rabbles laughter was almost to adorable to get angry on. It was a nice change from something i thought would be silence all the time. It sounds very young, chilish and just some kind sweet. The last moments of it gave me some Rainbow Dash vipe from it.  
Silks reactions and moves on the grass was a bit off. Sure i get its difficult to make it look right, so i will still give you credit for trying to imitate it right.
A sweet little animation there says so much about the characters. The dialogs gave us much more ideas of how the characters are and what their interests is. So CDV, this is another great step of your animation talents. ^^
Background Pony #DBBD
Chance of death: moderate  
Chance of severe injury: high  
Chance of laughing after falling out of tree: zero
Background Pony #B5E5
It’s all a prank, till you find out they are alergic, or the spiders were poisoness, or that too many bites can be deadly.