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safe1972984 edit157037 edited screencap80499 editor:quoterific6328 screencap263842 applejack187890 auburn vision317 berry blend549 berry bliss549 chancellor neighsay871 citrine spark474 clever musings196 cozy glow8781 end zone104 fine catch50 fire flicker144 fire quacker474 fluttershy238352 gallus8447 harry581 huckleberry428 iron will1417 luster dawn1947 november rain644 ocarina green72 ocellus6392 peppermint goldylinks544 rainbow dash259493 rarity203264 rockhoof1277 sandbar6470 seaspray221 silverstream7317 smolder10312 spike87335 starlight glimmer55359 strawberry scoop275 sugar maple160 summer breeze277 summer meadow211 thorax5079 twilight sparkle333099 violet twirl184 yona6118 alicorn274720 biteacuda46 changedling10438 changeling58480 classical hippogriff5993 dragon72286 fish3254 griffon32889 hippogriff12207 pony1325053 pukwudgie74 yak5864 2 4 6 greaaat1479 a matter of principals1189 a rockhoof and a hard place862 grannies gone wild888 horse play1004 my little pony: the movie20650 non-compete clause836 school daze3069 school raze2516 season 82141 season 92434 she's all yak1266 starlight the hypnotist357 the end in friend1209 the hearth's warming club1049 the last problem7174 uprooted1273 what lies beneath1820 spoiler:interseason shorts942 spoiler:s081748 spoiler:s091711 absurd resolution71608 bisexual6239 book39348 bookshelf4777 butt179404 christmas18243 christmas tree5477 collage1773 collage of collages1 dragoness12125 female1604797 friendship student1998 gallbar539 gallstream517 galyona14 gay33077 helmet13575 holiday28911 hug33596 king thorax3520 lesbian108562 lifejacket1574 luslus56 male460429 mop318 nightmare cave176 notebook737 ocelbar134 ocellustream35 older34190 older ocellus163 older rarity883 older sandbar141 older smolder404 older yona138 paddle899 pillow22512 plot115407 polyamory7502 princess smolder272 quill3088 rockhoof's shovel371 sandstream41 school of friendship1582 sextant21 shipping229924 shipping chart159 shovel1196 smolbar43 smolcellus143 smolderstream18 smollus115 spoon1676 straight159728 student six1990 student six omniship14 tree41484 treehouse of harmony178 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138629 wall of tags5426 yonabar410 yonastream13 yonder14 yonellus10


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Jonny Manz
Non-Fungible Trixie -
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

I am who I am
I dunno, but it feels like the person you’re replying to was joking, just kind of poking fun at how most of the images in the collages are the two characters standing next to each other, not even really remotely shipping fuel.
Personally, I find it amusing, so I like it.