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"When campfire time approaches and only Sunset and Twilight are present, someone has to take the initiative 7w7"
suggestive145398 artist:stellarwools55 sci-twi24630 sunset shimmer63827 twilight sparkle303014 human156646 equestria girls203089 legend of everfree8054 ass49936 beautiful eyes70 beautiful hair64 blushing200865 bunset shimmer1763 butt62109 clothes466917 dialogue66486 female1380683 grass9892 lesbian98050 looking at you171985 offscreen character34905 outdoors11134 scitwishimmer2276 sexy30039 shipping202742 smiling254131 smiling at you4593 stupid sexy sunset shimmer923 sunsetsparkle4399 underwear61633


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Background Pony #44A2
Sunset, you know you need to have your pants and panties off. It's Twilight's rule. ;)