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Once Apple Basket is up to speed you can head over to Yggdrasil and (hopefully) finally get Moonflower that seed.

Rocket Rush: "Okay! Now that you're up to speed, I'll be heading back to the Undercity, myself. I need to wash this salt out of my hair. Oh, and since you're all done here, you probably won't be sticking around much longer, right?

Hey, if not in Midgard, then maybe we'll meet again in Equestria. I'm curious to see what this whole magic thing is about, and I know I'm not the only one. Well, either way, see you around!"

You nod, and your party bids farewell to Rocket Rush. As she begins to make her way back home, you all get aboard the sailboat.

After taking a quick lunch break, and sailing over to the isle's southern shore, you drop anchor at the ruins. All around you, thousands of flickering sunrays pierce through the extensive canopy, tinting the shade a peaceful green.

As you approach the foot of the Yggdrasil tree, a familiar giant squirrel suddenly appears from above, as though anticipating your coming. Within seconds, he runs down the trunk and lands in front of you, greeting you with cheerful acclamations.

Ratatosk: "The heroes return, and Odin's curse is lifted! You have my heartfelt congratulations!"

You thank Ratatosk, and let him know that you have come back for a seed of the Yggdrasil tree.

Ratatosk: "Yes, yes, the seed. I have it here! And I will trade it to you in exchange for the Philosopher's Stone. You… still have it, don't you?"

You nod. Considering the efforts it took to bring it here, it seems only fitting that a guardian of Yggdrasil be the one to keep it safe. You agree to the exchange.

You give Purified Philosopher's Stone, and Shard of Purified Philosopher's Stone to Ratatosk.

Ratatosk: "A little beat-up, is it? Nothing some time won't fix!"

With a flash of light, Ratatosk magically fuses the shard into the cracked Stone. Though the resulting artifact appears to be in better shape — moreso than you ever remember it being —, it does not yet look completely mended.

Ratatosk: "Good enough! And here you go, keeping my end of the bargain."

You get Purified Philosopher's Stone!

You look at the Philosopher's Stone, then back at the playful squirrel. He seems amused.

Ratatosk: "You realize what this means, don't you? Almost… and… there it is!"

Ratatosk identifies your Purified Philosopher's Stone as Yggdrasil Seed.

Apple Basket: "You're kiddin'! The Philosopher's Stone was a seed of the Yggdrasil tree this whole time?!"

Moonflower: "Whoa! No way!"

Ratatosk: "That's right! Minus the Dark magic and a few missing pieces, of course, but beggars can't be choosers. These things only grow once every thousand years, you know! The good news is that I won't be needing this one after all."

The squirrel produces a rock, crudely painted to resemble an Yggdrasil seed, and dismissively chucks it over his shoulder.

Ratatosk: "Oh! And with that out of the way, I see that the sunly knight isn't with you. He bid me deliver this message to you, in the eventuality that he couldn't do it himself. Here!"

Ratatosk gives you a letter, which you sit down to read aloud to your party. The letter reads:

"My shining companions,

May this letter find you on the morn of victory. I write this to you as my grand quest to purify the Philosopher's Stone has come to an end, in no small part thanks to you. If all is well, then you now hold in your hooves the fruit of my life's work.

As I took a moment to recuperate earlier, it occurred to me that I no longer am the hale stallion I once was. Long gone are the grumbles of hunger and the heaviness of fatigue. Why, one could ponder whether I yet live at all!

Phantom or not, my body remains, and it is my hope that with it, I have righteously repaid your bravery in kind. I truly am blessed to have been granted this second chance, and to you, I shall eternally be grateful.

If I may impose upon you one last time, I would ask that you return my insignia to my homeland, that I may finally rest under the brilliance of my dearest Sun.

Forever your friend,
Solar Flare of Canterlot"

You get Solar Flare's Insignia!

As you finish reading the letter, you pause for a moment of silence. Though you have known him only briefly, Solar Flare truly felt like a long-lost friend. And though his name may be forgotten by history, you will carry it within your heart, always.

Apple Basket: "So he really is gone."

Moonflower: "(sniffle) Yuh uh."

You gather your friends in a bittersweet group hug, and promise to fulfill the departed knight's final wish.
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