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guys its photoshoped :D
suggestive145549 artist:magentaguy7 edit134248 kotobukiya945 rarity183684 sci-twi24663 twilight sparkle303225 human156815 equestria girls203279 1000 hours in ms paint5945 anime5595 ass50003 behind576 butt62324 clothes467515 figurine1592 figurines for the fearless76 high heels11483 high socks28 humanized100941 irl70923 japan1234 kotobukiya rarity96 kotobukiya twilight sparkle66 mask6911 messy hair979 open mouth150014 panties50879 photo80659 photoshop3774 rug657 shoes37635 shop385 short skirt387 skirt40401 socks67461 stockings33477 thigh highs37252 this is why god won't talk to us22 toy22235 underwear61694


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Twi’s Engineer Hubby
One of my friends shared this image with me and I couldn't believe it. XD
Those mad lads in that department store. So proud to be a Brony. :D
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@Background Pony #9428
…You have issues, Japan.

I'm just gonna say, I worked in Tokyo for awhile, and this is *NOTHING*.

I wish I could still find my pics of Canon greeter ladies offering people Free BJs. HA HA HA just serious.