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safe1687916 artist:owlcoholik38 starlight glimmer48104 trixie66793 oc673005 oc:white rabbit8 classical unicorn4055 hybrid18247 pony949643 unicorn315410 bag4560 book33075 cloven hooves9954 female1345972 food68911 heart47584 hug27878 ice cream4960 interspecies offspring7165 leonine tail8365 lesbian95709 magic72293 mare471840 nuzzling3913 offspring38234 parent:discord3258 parent:trixie1825 parents:trixcord39 pillow17605 pregnant13041 shipping197744 startrix2892 telekinesis27251 unshorn fetlocks24842


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never big enough
The artist's DA has a higher res version: https://www.deviantart.com/owlcoholik/art/Trixie-Starlight-and-the-Wonders-of-Life-857800864