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Then try making something "simple" like an led when holding a stick in your mouth is the closest you'll ever get to using tools.
Better still, unless someone with hands or magic makes them for you, there are no tools to begin with.

A Stylus Pen, huh? Genius.
You know what your argument reminds me of:

I mean the start of new computing era also started with simple things, early "home computers" only having switch and led lights, yes, led lights not display, and yet here we are now

For sure it takes couples centuries from when the first "computer" to where we are now

And maybe if using hooves seems not too realistic, we have other options


(☞ ಠ_ಠ)☞

I'm not judging, just voicing my concern about what could be a cheap plot device.
I don't want G5 to fail. Why would I. I want it to be good so I can have fun watching dorky pones again.

But High-end consumer electronics like smartphones seem even weirder when their world's supposed to have lost all magic.
How do they manufacture that stuff without unicorns using their magic to manipulate things?
Imagine everyone at an Intel chip plant putting on oven mittens and trying to work normally.
Imagine an assembly line for smartphones with hooved creatures trying to connect tiny connectors and ribbon cables to pcbs …
So replacing magic with something they wouldn't be able to create without magic seems silly to me
and worrying in regards to the amount of thought and creativity that went into the new show.

"Oh no! How can we make our half-baked plots work without magic?!?"
"Worry not dear co-writer, I've got a solution. A McGuffin … I mean Smartphone."
Background Pony #2F62
@The New Pony
…you do realize that everything you just listed as "modern technology" is 50+ years old at this point, right? Heck, some of those are well over a century old. (Film projectors were invented in 1879, photographic cameras have been around since the 1830s and "even … a helicopter!" could be flying around in the 1930s.) The most recent example (arcade machines) were first produced in 1971 and even DJ turntables are older than that.

That said, MLP set in "modern day" is nothing new. G1.5 ("My Little Pony Tales") was a completely modern setting with TV, telephones, and cars. The only reason it looks like old tech now is because the show itself is 30 years old at this point.
The New Pony

Im ah Beeeeaaast
@Background Pony #F4B4
Modern electronics have always been in MLP including G4. Home lights, Video Projectors, Twilight's computer, Rarity's sewing machine, Cameras, vinyls DJ board, Buttons Arcade Machine, everything in Las Peguses, and one pony even had a helicopter! The list goes on.
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Celestia: I banished my sister to the moon
G5: cool, but we landed on the moon
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I have many questions.
OK try this. Get your phone. Get in bed or anywhere soft. Make two fists. Balance your phone on one and use a knuckle to press and scroll. See how long it takes before you make a mistake or drop it.