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Background Pony #3E5D
I knw some people are pretty iffy about G5, but I've got some hope and this screenshot makes me a little excited. Only critique at the moment is that she looks like a Rainbow Dash OC straight off of Deviantart.
Background Pony #D59A
@Background Pony #7CAE
looks like Arizona judging by the rocks shes probably in Tucson

The first sign of the landscape in the G5 that can be seen, it is a little strange that we have only seen pictures from inside buildings right up to this picture. These are sun-baked rock surfaces found in Arizona and other areas with a lot of dry climate, little water — and from what the rocks looked like, had a turbulent climatic period just like in our own world several centuries ago.

Equestria is in many ways a copy of the US states, but bare and vegetation-free cliffs where it is completely lifeless are very unusual in both worlds. Not a single blade of grass, completely dead. There are not as many areas in Arizona — as the Mojave desert, and even there there are not large areas that are completely bare of vegetation.

The topography suggests that the G5 takes place further south away from central Equestria, where Canterlot and Ponyville are located. Or, we can hope, it means that the G5 ponies will wander far over great distances during the movie. Maybe they will come to Canterlot or its replacement at the end of the movie.
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Edgehorse? Most likely.

Fandom will declare her a tsundere months before the film? Very likely.

Fandom will declare her a butch lesbian unless the movie or the show ships her hard with a stallion (and probably even then?) Tartarus yeah.