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Background Pony #394C
I think it’s ironic that so far in Pony Life Pinkie is the only one of the 6 not to get fat
Background Pony #A13D
i love seeing twilight actually get fatter instead of gaining weight offscreen
Background Pony #394C
Apparently there’s a second part? If anyone could post that I’d be so appreciative lol.
Background Pony #394C
@Dex Stewart
Funny enough she was the fattest after eating Pinkie’s Rock Candy.

And this fat twilight gag they’ve got going is my favourite bit of pony life.
Background Pony #394C
@Dex Stewart
Yeah it’s cute and funny, because twilight was the last one you’d expect to be the greedy gets fat type…except for perhaps rainbow dash.
Background Pony #394C
For anyone who’s seen the episode, is this just a single scene joke or is it like Pie v. Pie?