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My submission to the April Fools preening event, drawn by Cottonsweets.
This was initially commissioned on March 31st, but was not finished until the morning of April 7th. Hope this still qualifies for the event.
safe1974596 artist:cottonsweets303 applejack188012 rarity203394 alicorn275045 pegasus408126 pony1326995 accessory swap1906 alicornified6643 applejack's hat11950 assisted preening50 blushing239223 commissioner:raritybro543 cowboy hat21998 cute236813 female1606174 flapplejack112 grooming863 hat109190 jackabetes7232 lesbian108663 lying down33054 one eye closed39995 preening1111 prone30883 race swap18102 raribetes6399 raricorn884 rarijack7735 shipping230125 smiling332162


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