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Many many Derpy faces. =w=b
safe1677079 artist:symbianl333 derpy hooves49680 pegasus280605 pony939796 :34404 blushing192741 cute195443 daaaaaaaaaaaw3673 derpabetes2583 ear fluff28229 expressions920 facial expressions248 female1336952 floppy ears50726 grazing140 heart eyes15850 looking at you163280 mare466808 open mouth140208 simple background383811 solo1044244 solo female176920 symbianl is trying to murder us34 tongue out101023 weapons-grade cute3615 wingding eyes21596 wings101159


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
I really appreciate the hard work that you are putting in to get these sketches turned into Telegram stickers, Symbian. It will be really awesome to see the stickers when they are done. Also, I love the Maud Pie stickers that you made not that long ago. Those are also beautiful.