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safe1677047 edit129465 edited edit2546 edited screencap63340 screencap218405 applejack167520 quibble pants1510 rainbow dash230642 earth pony238042 pegasus280591 pony939768 my little pony: pony life4815 pony life5259 stranger than fan fiction1036 the great cowgirl hat robbery12 spoiler:pony life s02e1012 body pillow3573 body pillow meme22 cowboy hat15175 female1336916 freckles27905 hat84432 lasso1237 looking at you163278 looking back55525 male362844 mare466789 rope11202 smiling240525 stallion104906


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Background Pony #6B50
Would a critique help you even a little? I have a feeling you already know the weaknesses in your edit here.

The idea was solid, I have to give you that.