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suggestive139929 artist:dandy67 pinkie pie213823 earth pony239336 anthro254602 unguligrade anthro47190 :34414 alternate hairstyle27522 armpits42617 bare shoulders2262 basket3012 big breasts79775 blue eyes4857 bowtie9886 breasts270767 bunny ears3541 bunny suit2403 busty pinkie pie10656 chest fluff37740 clothes450412 crouching571 cuffs (clothes)1159 cutie mark46898 easter1349 easter basket168 easter egg1133 female1340281 full body2190 holiday19957 latex11502 leotard4484 looking at you163943 mare468490 shoes35299 shoulder fluff1716 simple background385048 smiling241405 solo1046700 solo female177185 squatting1446 stockings31914 thigh highs35155 watermark15703


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Background Pony #8497
Goddamn Dandy, is everything you draw gonna end up on my fave list?
Why are your anthros SO CUUUTE!
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
This is such an adorable anthro bunnysuit Pinkie! Perfect surprise for the Easter season! I especially love the reflections on the suit itself, making the whole composition feel more three-dimensional.