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safe1726981 artist:magicnova78 derpibooru exclusive28767 luster dawn1606 starlight glimmer49195 sunburst6886 oc697628 oc:starfire blaze30 pony987262 unicorn332316 blaze (coat marking)1407 brother and sister4349 cloak4378 clothes467170 coat markings4906 colt15164 facial markings1936 father and child964 father and daughter2645 father and son930 female1381334 filly68198 filly luster dawn40 glasses63102 like father like daughter98 like father like son97 like mother like daughter404 like mother like son91 like parent like child515 luster dawn is starlight's and sunburst's daughter90 male380096 mare490948 mother and child2500 mother and daughter6020 mother and son3038 offspring40034 parent:starlight glimmer1488 parent:sunburst1148 parents:starburst540 robe3705 shipping202846 siblings9081 simple background401044 socks (coat markings)2836 stallion112020 starburst1256 straight138322 sunburst's cloak509 sunburst's glasses431 traditional art118896 white background100244 young1621 younger17582


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