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A big soff Rarity getting a little sauced at the slots~

Alt. source
suggestive140785 artist:valdavondran4 rarity180165 unicorn315794 anthro256243 alcohol7080 bbw4281 belly27940 big belly10977 big breasts80464 bingo wings2275 breasts273179 busty rarity12558 butt55883 chubby cheeks3683 cleavage34120 clothes453072 drunk4808 drunk bubbles359 drunk rarity187 ear piercing25615 earring20674 fat21856 fat boobs737 female1346759 huge breasts37691 jeans4024 jewelry61903 large butt16291 lips1115 lipstick10940 missing horn756 morbidly obese7759 no tail1462 obese11411 pants14229 piercing40241 raritubby1027 solo1052114 solo female177865 ssbbw1692 the ass was fat13633 thighs13030 thunder thighs8151 wide hips16737 wine2535


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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

never big enough
There's an amusing answer in the replies at the source:

Hell Ray:
Wait What happened to Rarity's horn?

Brainlet: Artist clearly forgot, shaping those huge tracts of land
Big Brain: She still had her poker face on.
Galaxy Brain: She lost it in a game of Blackjack
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