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I’m sure I’m breaking some unspoken rule by doing this, but I got the urge to remaster and combine some Sweetie Belle scenes into a one-page comic.
I may remaster some other stuff in my current style. I feel like Tubby Titans could use an update. The original Valerie comic also comes to mind. My seven-year anniversary is coming up, and I think that would be appropriate.
safe1765224 alternate version51221 artist:lordstormcaller120 rarity186785 sweetie belle49941 anthro272054 unguligrade anthro50711 comic:filly fat remastered2 belly29873 belly button82158 bikini19154 calendar584 clothes480782 comic112158 cookie3822 cute207429 diet80 exercise699 exercise bike18 exercise machine23 eyeshadow16922 fat22827 female1414564 fetish42144 food73839 herbivore1240 high res34167 indoors3523 jump rope169 leg warmers2612 makeup23283 measuring129 measuring tape1096 pants15507 pudgy140 purple background3358 sexy31000 shorts14700 siblings9788 simple background413876 sisters9518 sports bra3652 sweat27973 sweatpants388 sweetie belly215 swimsuit30008 thighs15469 trash can862 vegetables139 weight loss99 weights386 wide eyes17515 workout814


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