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I'm sure I'm breaking some unspoken rule by doing this, but I got the urge to remaster and combine some Sweetie Belle scenes into a one-page comic.

I may remaster some other stuff in my current style. I feel like Tubby Titans could use an update. The original Valerie comic also comes to mind. My seven-year anniversary is coming up, and I think that would be appropriate.
safe1688768 alternate version43868 artist:lordstormcaller114 rarity180166 sweetie belle48660 anthro256243 unguligrade anthro47608 belly27940 belly button76421 bikini17809 calendar529 clothes453072 comic107961 cookie3624 cute197234 diet76 exercise672 exercise bike16 exercise machine21 eyeshadow15242 fat21856 female1346763 fetish39186 food68963 herbivore840 high res26770 indoors2956 jump rope156 leg warmers2402 makeup20920 measuring124 measuring tape1056 pants14228 pudgy123 purple background2951 sexy28846 shorts13734 siblings8249 simple background387422 sisters8635 sports bra3142 sweat25866 sweatpants337 sweetie belly218 swimsuit27781 thighs13030 trash can831 vegetables125 weight loss88 weights362 wide eyes16901 workout754


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