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♫ah, all the souls in this land of Equestria♫
♫and everyone’s emotions are turning into one♫
♫crossing over the oceans♫
♫crossing over the sky♫
♫the whole world connected together♫
♫flooding into you!!!♫
safe1728306 artist:jadebreeze11553 floral pattern24 oc698526 oc only456497 oc:jade breeze30 pegasus300514 bipedal35395 blue eyes5343 blue hair1040 colored wings6347 colorful background13 crystal2666 cute203038 ear fluff30380 electric guitar992 ethereal mane8264 floral print29 flower26198 gradient wings777 guitar5057 japanese8305 male380652 mountain5223 mountain range608 musical instrument11611 one eye closed31622 open mouth150080 original art390 patterned background18 pegasus oc12074 rose3942 singing6451 smiling254581 solo1078884 spread wings55791 stallion112280 standing12539 standing up255 starry mane4417 tree branch979 water13722 wings111616 wink25218


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