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I made this art for the commission update example.
My Commission descriptions and features. has received a major upgrade. You can see the steps of creating this art and the animation commission Now open.

I know that this animation is not perfect, as I made it just as an example of the commission in a couple of hours.

This animation 18+ NSFW version.

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suggestive148403 alternate version49786 artist:fluttershyfann8008544 pinkie pie220141 earth pony265839 pony1010341 animated100813 balloonbutt4375 belly button81242 both cutie marks10787 butt65884 butt shake1334 featureless crotch7094 female1401708 gif32126 grin40908 looking at you175656 looking back60085 looking back at you15966 looking between legs763 plot82114 show accurate17044 simple background409042 smiling260857 smiling at you5195 solo1094242 spread legs19929 spreading19845 transparent background208764 upside down5734 vector77858


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