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safe1975290 artist:orchidpony205 princess celestia105238 princess luna109391 alicorn275209 pony1327670 :t4219 bow38375 celestia is not amused658 clothes560859 cup7759 dress53990 duo119017 duo female20518 embarrassed13639 eyes closed121106 female1606885 folded wings13014 glowing12748 glowing horn25595 grin53137 gritted teeth16659 hair bow21626 high res86944 horn117920 magic86720 magic aura6875 mare620081 princess luna is amused31 royal sisters5632 ruff (clothing)272 s1 luna8022 siblings15463 sisters13317 sitting78937 smiling332314 tail bow7784 tea party641 teacup3498 teapot1232 teeth15487 telekinesis34362 unamused20732 waterfall1997 wings175984


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Background Pony #9112
That’s just cute as hell, got a thousand years of playtime to catch up on.