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I decided it was finally time to draw Octavia, since she is one of my favorite ponies.
suggestive139880 artist:dandy65 octavia melody23539 earth pony239174 anthro254501 unguligrade anthro47169 bedroom eyes58154 belly button75815 bow (instrument)695 bowtie9882 bra15524 breasts270655 busty octavia2384 cello2512 cello bow341 chair6639 clothes450249 ear fluff28372 eyeshadow15108 female1339858 garter belt3551 lingerie10311 looking at you163844 makeup20743 mare468284 musical instrument9247 panties49395 sexy28562 simple background384918 socks64903 solo1046390 solo female177147 stockings31896 thigh highs35128 underwear59730 violin496


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