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safe1680620 artist:sugar morning1328 part of a set11511 starlight glimmer47899 pony942762 unicorn312620 animated97319 chibi14167 cute195931 eating9439 female1339864 food68472 frame by frame3991 french fries543 gif30249 glimmerbetes3778 herbivore808 hoof hold8147 mare468289 nom3032 simple background384922 sitting61672 solo1046400 sugar morning's snacc and drincc26 this will end in weight gain346 transparent background198717


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@Prince Areo
Possibly. However, the fried depicted in this image could be from a restaurant that's either similar or the same one as in the image above. Many restaurants since the 20th century have made fries that look very familiar, and continue doing so as of today in the 21st century.
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