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safe1680624 artist:drtuo4151 princess cadance32338 princess flurry heart7125 shining armor22883 spike77991 twilight sparkle297232 alicorn219531 dragon54696 pony942766 unicorn312621 aunt and niece428 auntie twilight170 baby10287 baby food50 baby pony6484 babysitting198 ball3294 brother and sister4105 cute195931 diaper13215 eyeshadow15108 family4353 feather5745 female1339869 filly65011 flying37392 hair pulling934 husband and wife1483 makeup20743 male364016 mare468292 open mouth140722 ouch1021 pillow17510 plushie23571 siblings8126 sleeping23112 stallion105328 tired3066 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122397


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Background Pony #C884
some royal maid do take care flurry but i am sure only her favorite ones but the poor maid can't skip up with her for very long time but Twilight and her friends dose!
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Shining Armor and Cadance thought they could finally get some good rest if they got Twilight to take care of Flurry Heart for them. Now they get even less rest than with Flurry Heart alone.
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