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She has to change the sign every 5 minutes https://t.co/ZIVUejn214
safe1765593 artist:jargon scott2602 apple bloom51449 earth pony272562 pony1025536 bitcoin30 bored1496 cryptocurrency1 dogecoin8 female1414963 filly70596 hoof on cheek334 hoof on chin575 juice1384 lemonade197 lemonade stand42 lidded eyes32176 outdoors11895 solo1105360 solo jazz51 supporting head17


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Background Pony #B0C0
Dogecoin is a thing huh. Okay.
Literally just found that out myself. I totally thought it was something made up as a joke.
Another downside of being entirely unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, I guess.
Background Pony #CF50
If the official currency of Equestria is the Bit, then Bitcoin sounds like a stablecoin.
I’ll see myself out.