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Her coat was brilliant as sun reflecting of snow, her mane the faceted gleam of light piercing a cut gem. You could look at her for lifetimes, and find new things to admire.

And somehow, she had her eyes on you, just as keenly.
safe1680636 artist:longinius802 princess celestia93947 alicorn219533 pony942773 alternate hairstyle27513 braid5620 braided tail1126 butt54078 female1339879 flower25042 flower in hair7507 halo1656 looking at you163850 mare468297 monochrome148025 plot77146 ribbon6973 solo1046408 sunbutt3954 traditional art116200 wide hips16495


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Background Pony #B366
Tia loves a boi who is willing to learn a skill that is completely useless for themselves but allows them to bond with her, such as braiding her mane and tail <3
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