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We need more ponytail …
safe1680630 artist:liaaqila957 rainbow dash231169 pegasus281973 pony942769 equestria girls196832 clothes450253 colored pencils94 cute195931 dashabetes9022 eyes closed90481 female1339873 human ponidox3449 liaaqila is trying to murder us53 liaaqila is trying to murder us with dashabetes24 mare468294 mouth hold17095 open mouth140722 ponytail17415 self ponidox7885 smiling241294 tanktop7501 traditional art116200


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liaAqila is driving safe most of the time, with 96.5% of images with this tag. Artist is a strongly Rainbow Dash-focused artist. How strong? Well, what doas the numbers say…?
403 of 952 images (not incl. duplicate) with artist:liaaqila are also tagged with Rainbow Dash . And of course having Rainbow Dash also means Scootaloo and Tank are not far. Scootaloo with 101 (short after Twilight Sparkle: 123) and Tank… with… only 7 ? Well, at least tanktop gets 50 pictures.

- Most of all liaAqila using tradional art (96%). Less than 1% with digital tags ("digital art", "digital painting", "digitalized")
- Half (47%) of the images also feature EQG characters.
- Also half (50.3%) of all are cute , making liaaqila a sugare provider slightly under the rank of regular jam (55%).
- Even when 1/3 of the characters are standing solo in the picture, 30% of all characters are smiling or laughing (8.2%). But the happy ones may be in the other 2/3 of all.
- there is a 7.5% chance of tickle torture
- less than 10% of all do have pants or shirts. The other ones are not naked. 15.6% wear a dress. But pony normaly don't waer clothes.
- If you only count 326 images with solo charcters, you get a male-to-female-ratio of 19 : 288, or stallion-to-mare-ratio of 5 : 103. Yes, that's normal in Equestria universe. Please find a mirror to change this.
- And finally: Ponytail-level: 3.2% or 30 / 952 images. Add pigtails and twintails results in 4.7% (+15), doubles with more than one of these excluded. Derpibooru has a 0.8% rate of ponytails.

Data (EQG and pony form in the same picture, like here, count as one. Nightmares* like Nightmare Rarity not included, because sold separetly.)
rank count character
1 403 "rainbow dash"
2 123 "twilight sparkle"
3 101 "scootaloo"
4 97 "applejack"
5 75 "pinkie pie"
6 69 "rarity"
7 69 "fluttershy"
8 62 "apple bloom"
9 50 "sweetie belle"
10 44 "sunset shimmer"
11 21 "trixie"
25 7 "tank"

Source: database dump of 2021-03-11. See API Docs for more information.

I have a fever and the only prescription is more ponytail!
As always liaaqila is trying to murder us with cute drawings, so we die on dashabetes.
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