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Am i late for this?  
Now that we’re close to the new series… We must make this new boi, G5’s Braeburn

safe2041434 artist:uliovka160 hitch trailblazer9712 thunder flap547 earth pony388862 pony1394402 g549668 blushing248376 cheek fluff8214 cute245459 embarrassed14077 frown30828 gay34314 guard1610 hitchbetes438 hoof fluff2694 leg fluff4133 lidded eyes41700 male482826 raised hoof62944 raised leg10561 royal guard9980 shipping236937 shoulder fluff2604 stallion165140 stallion on stallion2678 thunder flap is not amused7 unamused21779 unshorn fetlocks39338


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Background Pony #3E54
Everyone is making Zipp a lesbian so I guess it was only a matter of time LMAO
(not that I’m complaining or anything this is kinda cute!
Background Pony #21AF
Reichsfuhrer Von Richter Anything report corporate?
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Umbreon is best Pokemon!
Congratulations Hitch, you’re the new Braburn!
So when are we getting Hitch Trailblazer getting spitroasted by those two guards.