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Am i late for this?
Now that we're close to the new series… We must make this new boi, G5's Braeburn
safe1680610 artist:uliovka98 hitch trailblazer331 earth pony239175 pony942755 g52538 blushing193204 cheek fluff5279 cute195927 embarrassed11142 frown22483 gay26973 guard1225 hitchbetes6 hoof fluff1636 leg fluff2953 lidded eyes29915 male364013 raised hoof44420 raised leg7540 royal guard7593 shipping196792 shoulder fluff1713 stallion105327 unamused15810 unnamed character559 unnamed pony1827 unshorn fetlocks24645


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Background Pony #21AF
Reichsfuhrer Von Richter Anything report corporate?

And who might this be?
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